Do I need a reserved tee time here in Costa Rica?

You may be able to walk into the Club house in some of the golf courses and get lucky.  Or you might walk out disappointed it, or have a very long wait before there is an opening..

Why do you charge $5 to make the reservation?

We all need to make a living, even here at Golf in Costa Rica.

If I cancel my reservation do I get my $5 refunded?

Unfortunately not, sorry.  The golf courses here in Costa Rica don’t like cancellations, and sometimes tend to get a little mad at me when I cancel a reservation.  I don’t get mad at you though.  Things don’t always go as planned.  So if you are not sure you will be able to make your reservation, and don’t want to lose your $5, it might be best to hold off making the reservation.  That may help me stay out of trouble as well.

How early should I arrive before the tee time?

I say come as early as you can and enjoy the outdoors, the great weather, and spent some time putting and chipping around the practice greens.  A little practice may pay-off out on the course, so getting there early isn’t a bad idea.  But even if you show up right on time, that’s OK too!

How should I dress?

Just like every golf course around the world, here in Costa Rica golf is a ‘gentleman’s game’, and dressing like one is expected.  if all you have is blue jeans and a t-shirt, well, maybe you can get away with it by playing dumb, but then maybe not

Is there food and drink available ?

Yes.  Some of the courses have restaurants at their facility, while others may have only snacks.  Cold drinks, including beer is available as well. 

Do I have to pay for my Tee Time using PayPal?

Yes, and no.  Golf in Costa Rica normally accepts only payments using PayPal.  Regular credit & debit card fees are high and inconvenient for small companies like us here in Costa Rica.  However, we do accept payment in Bitcoin as well for those who enjoy the benefits of owning and using Bitcoin.

If I am a single, does that create a problem?

The golf courses here obviously prefer a foursome or a threesome, but they will do their best to accommodate you singles.  This may mean pairing you up with another single, or twosome.  Or you may be on your own depending on how crowded the course is. 

May my wife, or husband ride along as a passenger, though she/he is not playing?

Yes.  If you don’t mind his or her company while you are trying to hit ’em straight, most of the courses won’t mind either.  After all, golf is supposed to be fun, right? 

Didn't bring my golf clubs to Costa Rica. Can I rent some?

Yes.  All the courses have clubs for rent, and in good to new condition.  Note:  Club rental fees range from pretty high to high, but definitely cheaper than airline fees for carrying yours here to Costa Rica and back home again.

What happens if a rain storm suddenly appears?

Each course has its own “Rain Check” policy.  As a tourist on a tight schedule, their policy may or may not be convenient.  In Costa Rica, the rain usually comes in the afternoons, meaning early tee times are favored.

What about snakes, poisonous creatures and crocs? Should I carry a sidearm?

No.  Never have heard of anyone being carried off by man-eating crocs, nor attached by snakes or creepy crawlers on the golf courses here.  But if have a slice like a “horseshoe” and end up in some massive cob-webbed, steamy swamp, remember it is just a golf ball, take a ‘lost ball’ penalty and move on.

What is the best time of the year to visit Costa Rica?

It might be best to say the worst time of the year to visit Costa Rica to play golf would be mid-September to mid-November when the rainy season is in its fury and the ground is often saturated.  The very best time to visit Costa Rica would be mid-December to the beginning of March.  This time of the year being the ‘greenest’ time of the year, however, the windiest as well.  March thru mid-May is the hottest time of the year until the rainy season begins and cools things down.  June thru August are good as well as the course is extremely ‘green’ and the greens are soft.  Early tee times are suggested during this time to avoid the afternoon showers.

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  1. I played at Valle del Sol and a tremendous rain storm rolled in. It was amazing to watch. I had lunch at their cafeteria and before I was done the force of the rain slowed down considerably and shortly after finishing my lunch I was back on the course. i was surprised to see how it had little effect on the course as it played nearly the same as before the rain. Great drainage I guess.

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