Tee Times in Costa Rica

Teeing up the ball

While visiting Costa Rica, whether part of an Eco-tour, here on business, or just a well-deserved vacation, the opportunity may occur when you wish you could reserve a local tee time. Should you find yourself in that fortuitous position, but don’t have the time, or not sure of how it is done here in Costa Rica; instead of missing out, Golf in Costa Rica will do it for you.

Golf in Costa Rica has contact with all of the golf courses here in Costa Rica and can reserve tee times for those who need or prefer local assistance with aquiring a guaranteed tee time.

To reserve a tee time, please fill out the simple ‘Tee Time Reservation Request’ form just below.  You will then need to click on the PayPal button to pay our $5 ‘Tee Time Reservation’ fee.  It’s that easy.

*Golf in Costa Rica has no charge for reserving your ‘Tee Time’ at Valle del Sol.
(For “Tee Times” at Valle del Sol, please fill out and submit the reservation form below only. No payment necessary.)

Golf in Costa Rica blue hole

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Secure payments with PayPal

*”Tee Time Reservations” will not be made until PayPal payment is confirmed, minus ‘free’ tee times for Valle del Sol.  PayPal normally confirms transaction just seconds after payment has been made.